[Mailman-Users] different server, same result (install problems/questions)

Dan Mick Dan.Mick at west.sun.com
Tue Aug 29 22:27:14 CEST 2000

> We're definitely "talking at cross-purposes".

> Sometimes the person responsible for creating the FreeBSD port for a
> particular program will pipe up and explain the why's and wherefore's of
> how s/he chose to make his install template and might even explain its
> idiosyncrasies. If a user detects an install problem like this, and the
> port maintainer helps to fix it, the fixes get funneled back into the
> port, thus making it better.

Seems like the person responsible for the not-part-of-Mailman-and-therefore-
completely-unknown-to-the-rest-of-us add-on installation gunge for
FreeBSD is the right person to ask, then; hopefully they left their
tracks on some added file?...

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