[Mailman-Users] listmembers being "(ignored)", lockfile problems, 2.0b5

Chuq Von Rospach chuqui at plaidworks.com
Thu Aug 31 02:00:32 CEST 2000

At 7:26 PM -0400 8/30/00, Ron Jarrell wrote:
>I can safely say that it's not that we don't care to
>respond, it's more like no one has an immediate clue as to what your 
>problem is

Yah. it wasn't something I'd ever seen, and I've been in the middle 
of a project trying to beat 8.5 years of accumulated mail list 
archives (31,000 files of email, about half a gig of data) into 
usable shape. god, we've been running lists for over 8 years: the 
first list was simply an alias file exploder to 30 people -- and now, 
Mailman is the third MLM (listproc 6.0c, majordomo, mailman) the 
oldest lists have been on, and we're now on our, um, fifth or 
possibly 6th CPU. It really didn't lend itself to me dropping stuff 
to snoop...

And, to be honest, the message came across as a bit too much "I'm 
telling you to do this", which doesn't sit well with me when I'm 
helping out as a volunteer (although it's not nearly as bad as the 
words "I'm not on this list, so...." -- whenever I see that, I simply 
blow off the message, even if I KNOW the answer, because that person 
is treating us as hired help, and isn't even pretending that they're 
willing to pay-forward back to the list for the help they're asking 
for... communities are built of people who give as well as take, and 
I gave up on the vampires years ago... But I digress...).

but now that it's been cleared up, and that Wad O' Archives is under 
control, I'll see if I can sniff something... But everyone has to 
remember we're ALL here to help each other -- but we all ahve lives, 
jobs, and deadlines, too. And nobody HAS to do anything for anyone 
here. So it really, really helps if you ask nicely, and be patient -- 
and I realize that it's not fun to have a live, job, deadline, 
unhappy users and broken software to boot, but it doesn't help to 
honk off the folks you're asking help from, does it? (grin)

Now, I know I have the original email around here somewhere. I think....

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