[Mailman-Users] List-* headers

sigma at pair.com sigma at pair.com
Wed Dec 6 14:47:51 CET 2000

If there's a better way to submit feature suggestions, please let me know.
It's definitely not a bug report.

After our recent upgrade from ancient 1.2-experimental to 2.0 release, the
List-* headers started appearing in all list e-mails.  I agree they're
potentially useful, but they're also annoying to lots of people.  Rather
than tell our customers that their list members should reconfigure their
mail reader, can a per-list configurable option be created that lets the
list admin disable those headers?  They're purely informational.

I started to patch it myself, but I'm not a Python person, and quickly ran
into the problem of how to create a new attribute for the MailList object.
I know it's a simple patch otherwise.

Kevin Martin
sigma at pair.com

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