[Mailman-Users] archives

Cordell H. Thomas cht at ccil.org
Wed Dec 6 17:17:22 CET 2000

Archive problems

My access to the list is limited to the mailman/admin level which is OK
for now given the organizational and other tasks that I have on my plate.
The archives appear to have stopped sometime late in November. I can find
no December posts in the archives on the archives page.  On one of the
lists my attempt to "go to list archives" places me in the  Index of
pipermail at the parent directory.  When I check the list.mbox  for
several lists the results are not consistent.  Most do not have December
posts even when I know that they should be there.  One of the test lists
does have a Dec. Post, however, that list is the one that sends me to the
index when I  "go to list archives."

As far as I can tell looking at the list.mbox files there are no Dec.
posts for any of the lists on the server.


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