[Mailman-Users] Repeat delivery for single postings

John Straiton jks at clickcom.com
Thu Dec 7 19:17:24 CET 2000

	(first i'll note that I looked through several months of archives but
didn't see anything relating to this except one message that said that
mailman didn't have problems with lists this size)

	I recently installed 2.0rc1 on a FreeBSD 4.2-STABLE machine. It's a 600Mhz
machine with 512MB of RAM. Testing of mailman seemed ok on this machine.
Then I created a list, and then populated it with ~19000 addresses from a
text file using the add_members. After going back into the configuration,
all seemed well. Then we sent a pair of messages to mailman, both identical
but at different times. Here's the problem:

	When I finally commented the mailman entries out of crontab, it had
delivered the each message 3-4 times already to everyone on the list (ugh).
If I goto the List Archives link I see two entries in there for the
messages...the top listing has a timestamp of
	Tue, 5 Dec 2000 17:37:55 -0500
the second has a timestamp of
	Wed, 6 Dec 2000 12:55:33 -0500

When I download the "Full Raw Archive" the message appears in there 7 times.
The timestamp
	Wed Dec  6 12:49:13 2000
appears in that copy 6 times. But the timestamp from the first message in
the archive (regular view) doesn't exist in the raw archive, and the second
timestamp only appears once.

I can't re-enable mailman in it's current state, we're already getting
hatemail from people getting flooded, nor can I seem to find the root of the
problem. Looking in the configuration doesn't show anything that looks out
of the ordinary..


John Straiton
ClickCom, Inc.
jks at clickcom.com

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