[Mailman-Users] Question on archiving..

Ryan Christensen RyanC at clallampud.net
Fri Dec 8 01:46:04 CET 2000

Two things:

First - My archives aren't threading properly.  It will archive the original
messages, but not any 'Re:' messages.  This is a vital part of the list,
since a predominant portion does consist of replies.  Anything I'm doing
wrong?  I just did a default (by the book) installation, and haven't tweaked
anything yet.

Second - I've noticed that the mail wrapper doesn't properly parse emails
that come from an Exchange server.  Even though the Outlook Client IS SET
for plaintext, exchange still includes HTML code.  In the archive, this
shows up as a 'two part mime message'.  Is there any way to avoid this, and
just show the main message? (be it HTML or plaintext..)

Ryan Christensen
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