[Mailman-Users] Variables

John W Baxter jwblist at olympus.net
Fri Dec 8 03:57:30 CET 2000

At 18:44 -0800 12/7/00, Dan Mick wrote:
>> At 13:38 -0500 12/7/00, Patrick_Healy at nywd.uscourts.gov wrote:
>> >How do I force the name of the sender to show up in the text of a message?
>> You use a mail merge system, rather than a mailing list manager.  One of
>> the tasks of the typical mailing list manager is to reduce the bandwidth
>> used by doing things like sending one copy of the message to a mail
>> exchanger which is the exchanger for several of the list members.  That
>> implies everyone gets the same contents.
>Well, he said "sender", not "recipient".  "Sender name" is the same
>for all recipients, presumably.

Hmmm...I clearly need to read better.  Sorry, Mr Healy.  Please ignore what
I said.

I don't know the answer to your actual question (for Mailman).

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