[Mailman-Users] I have one question

김기석 kskim at gmx.co.kr
Tue Dec 12 01:39:25 CET 2000

 I have one more question.
 that is,
 I want to use your 'Open SIP Stack'.
 but, I want to running your SIP stack in window NT.
 So I will porting your 'open source' for running in window NT.(If porting
is success, porting source is rinning window NT)
 So, I want receive Function and Class Explain Manual in detail.
 In addition to this information, I want receive Open Source' Config
After I have download the protocol and the read-me file, I read the inform
But Source file and read-me file could not infom to me .

 If you send to me this inform, I will appreciate.

 Thanks you.

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