[Mailman-Users] 3 questions

Dave Heigl heigldw at rose-hulman.edu
Mon Dec 18 16:58:37 CET 2000

Hey all,

I just installed Mailman 2.0 on a fairly standard RedHat 6.2 install. I got
mailman to install, and the lists themselves seem to work ok. I still have
three issues that I don't know how to deal with. They are probably fairly
simple, but I'm new to this software, so go easy on me:

1) The web interfaces don't work. I get page not found errors when I try to
reach the links the Mailman send to the admin address. This may be related
to problem 2.

2) I have two DNS entries for the system, one long fugly address that the
DHCP server gives me, and one shorter one that I actually use for the
system. I can't find where I can tell Mailman to use the shorter one. Is it
possible to do this? I don't like my users to have to type
list at system.heckalongsubdomain.theirdomain.com when they could type
list at host.domain.com

3) Is there a way that the admin can submit a long list of addresses for
getting a list started? I am migrating from SmartList, so I have a
distribution list already. I don't want each user to have to go through the
hassle of re-subscribing, if that can be avoided. What I am looking for is a
simple text file where the recipients of a list are stored. I doubt that is
available, but I think that explains what I am looking for.

thanks in advance, dave

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