[Mailman-Users] GID Error...

Gregory Leblanc gleblanc at cu-portland.edu
Fri Dec 22 19:17:23 CET 2000

On 22 Dec 2000 14:03:47 -0400, Jason wrote:
> I know that I have to set up the Gid when I do the ./configure...
> How would I set this if I installed from RPM?

RH systems have pretty standard mail and cgi GIDs.  In the %prep stage,
use %configure --with-mail-gid=mail --with-cgi-gid=nobody  and so on.
It's really basic.  RH has some RPMs of 2.0beta5 or 6 at
rawhide.redhat.com.  Unfortunately, mailman doesn't like to be
buildroot'ed, so I've not felt that my RPM spec file was complete.  I'll
have to take a look at the FreeBSD ports, and see if they've fixed that


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