[Mailman-Users] upgrading results in duplicate Python files ?

Dan Mick Dan.Mick at west.sun.com
Fri Dec 29 20:12:56 CET 2000

Michael Dunston wrote:
> I recently upgraded both Python (1.52 -> 2.0) and Mailman (2.0b5 -> 2.0)
> and now appear to have duplicate python files in the 'Mailman' directory.
>  (Mac OSXS 1.2)
> ex: aliases.py
>     aliases.pyc
>     Bouncer.py
>     Bouncer.pyc
>     etc.

??  They're not duplicates at all; both their names and contents (and sizes,
and creation times) are different.  Why would you think they're

The .pyc files are compiled versions of Python code, and have existed in every
Mailman and Python version you've used; you just haven't noticed them until
now.  They're created by the "compile all files" step of "make install",
and recreated automagically by the Python interpreter if they don't exist
when you run the code in a .py file.

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