[Mailman-Users] Mandrake 7.2 install problem

Roger Buck rog at saas.nsw.edu.au
Sun Dec 31 11:59:42 CET 2000

Thanks to all those who responded to the python hang problem (see below)
when using Mandrake 7.2 - here's a quick solution, but no explanation of
why it works <grin>

Firstly, the openwall secure kernel patches do NOT cause the problem per
se - I have installed multiple clean kernels and headers (source) and
tested with various levels of security to confirm that.

The Mailman install-time gid and cgi ownership settings have no affect
omn the outcome.

Also, this is NOT the "restricted hardlinks" problem (see Mailman
README.LINUX) using secure kernel).

The problem only seems to occur when a user chooses an "expert" or some
other non minimalist option (including an elevated security option) at
time of installing Mandrake.

If you run into the problem described below (python hangs indefinitley)
then the solution may be to run:


and turn off (just say "no") the "libsafe stack ovberflow protection"

Turning the option on/off is sufficient to reproduce/solve the problem
in our case.

Does anyone know a link for bug report to Mandrake on this (I couldn't
find an obvious link at http://linuxmandrake.com/ )?

Happy New Year and thanks to Mailman team for some great code,


> Roger Buck wrote:
> > Mailman 2.0 installation hangs during conftest (using Mailman tarball
> > v2.0 and from mailman-2.0-1mdk.rpm binaries/source). The rpm will
> > install but will hang when run. The src.rpm hangs on the conftest - same
> > problem as install from source.
> >
> > Running the command:
> >
> > # python
> >
> > reports python 1.5.2 (#1 Sept 30 2000 GCC 2.95.3 on linux 386)
> >
> > I have tried re-intsalling python-1.5.2-12mdk.i586.rpm and associated
> > packages but with no luck.
> >
> > Any hints gratefully accepted.
> >
> > Does anyone have Mailman installed and working on Mandrake 7.2?

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