[Mailman-Users] Re: config_list

Kenneth Jacker khj at cs.appstate.edu
Sun Dec 31 14:48:17 CET 2000

  marc> On Tue, Dec 26, 2000 at 02:11:25PM -0500, Kenneth Jacker
  marc> wrote:
  >> I'd like to use "config_list" to transfer list ALPHA's
  >> configuration to a new list BETA.  Is this the recommended
  >> procedure?
  >> 1) bin/config_list -o config.ALPHA ALPHA
  >> 2) cp config.ALPHA config.BETA
  >> 3) Use an editor to change all occurrences of "ALPHA" in
  >> "config.BETA" to "BETA"
  >> 4) bin/newlist BETA
  >> 5) bin/config_list -i config.BETA BETA

  marc> You will lose your list membership if you do that.

Hmmm ... you mean that the members in ALPHA will not be automatically
added to BETA?  If that is the problem, I'll be OK since the BETA list
membership is independent of ALPHA's.

Any other advice/suggestions?

Thanks for your reply,


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