[Mailman-Users] QMAIL with MailMan

Scott Kinnane-Systems Support Engineer PGS SPS Perth scott.kinnane at prth.pgs.com
Tue Feb 1 07:00:56 CET 2000


AFAIK, Mailman only requires aliases to be added so incoming mail for a
list can be parsed by mailman. I'm sure if qmail has something similar to
sendmail's /etc/aliases file, then everything would be ok.


Speedy wrote:

> Hey all.
> Even if I manage to get mailman working with qmail, all the scripts that
> you use to add new mailing lists and such will not work anymore will
> they? seeing as they're configured to work with sendmail, it would
> modify the sendmail config files rather than the qmail files, right?
> TIA,
> Gonz.
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