[Mailman-Users] Mailman trouble

Jorge Villa villa at reduniv.edu.cu
Mon Feb 7 13:50:55 CET 2000

Hi everybody:

I downloaded few days ago, the mailman-1.0 version from the SCO site and I downloaded also, Python software for SCO UNIX. I´ve tried to compile it in my SCO Openserver 5.04 system, and I´ve had troubles because the library libbsd.a is missing as reported by the log file for configure. I attach this file for your further examination. That library doesn´t come with the system, neither with the SCO Openserver Development System.

I´ve tried with the version 1.1 of Mailman, and I obtained the same results.

With this kind of error, I couldn´t compile well the software, neither using gmake in replacement of the standard make, and accordingly the list server doesn´t work. I´ve been tracking the network looking for that library for SCO UNIX and it´s missing. I´ve tried to use the library version that comes with and ATT UNIX version, and the one that come with RedHat Linux 6.0, but failed. Do you know where can I obtained this library for SCO Openserver 5 Systems or an equivalent? Have I to do any changes to my configure file to compile it?

Thanks in advance,
Jorge Villa

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