[Mailman-Users] Mailman 1.2 release date?

Gerrit Holl gerrit.holl at pobox.com
Fri Feb 18 07:39:35 CET 2000

Scott Russell wrote on 950805007:
> Greets all -
> I've been lurking for a month now and it sounds like Mailman 1.2 will have many improvments
> and features over the current 1.1. release.
> I'll be making the transistion from majordomo to mailman but figured it would be best to wait
> if 1.2 is around the cornor.
> Can anyone here tell me the status of 1.2? Is there a tenitive release day/month/year or
> should I just install 1.1 as 1.2 is a ways off still?

www.python.org already runs 1.2, but an experimental version. But it runs
very well. I think you could get the latest CVS snapshot and put that on
your site.


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