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David B. O'Donnell atropos at fates.org
Tue Feb 22 03:20:01 CET 2000

Paul Tomblin wrote on 5 January 2000:
>Quoting Garret Krampe (garret at satix.net):
>> Blargh !
>> It was not permissions at all !
>> Something about the latest sendmail that stops this from working !
>> I think my lists have been down long enough !
>> I'll have to use majordomo or retro grade the sendmail install !
>> OS Redhat 5.1 2.0.34 kernel
>> sendmail from RH 6.1 (source)
>> wrapper gives "service not available" from mailer-daemon
>Something tells me I'm going to have to set up a bot that whenever a mail
>message mentions RedHat or sendmail 5.9, it just responds with:
>cd /etc/smrsh
>ln -s /home/mailman/mail/wrapper wrapper
>This is getting extremely tedious, especially since it's in the install

If I may be so bold as to make a suggestion to the developers:

Add the smrsh lines to README.LINUX, and be more explicit in the "Problems"
section of INSTALL. It will help both folks who don't spend the time poring
over every word of the documentation and those of us who, after spending 24+
hours straight setting up a machine after a hard drive died, are on the edge
of exhaustion and would appreciate things being a little more obvious.

--David O'Donnell - atropos at fates.org

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