[Mailman-Users] monthly password reminders q

alex wetmore alex at phred.org
Mon Jan 3 23:44:08 CET 2000

From: "Fred Hicks" <iago at iago.net>
>   I have a user who is asking not to receive the monthly password
>   I want to keep the list configured to send those, as a default, but why
>   isn't there an option for users to disable this on a user-by-user basis,
>   themselves?  Or _is_ this possible, and I've somehow missed it?

As a "me too" I would like to see this as well.  One of the recipients on my
mailing list is actually a program which then dumps the message into a
content indexed archive.  It would have been really nice to have had a
button saying "no monthly reminder mail".  So far I've just filtered these
emails by hand, although my plan is to detect them (simple enough) and throw
them away.

http://catfood.phred.org/querytouring.asp is an example of my content
indexing system if anyone wants to play with it.  It needs to be prettified,
but is very functional right now.  If anyone has a mixed Unix/Windows NT
environment and is interested in setting something like this up feel free to
contact me off of the list (at some point I'll put together a webpage
describing the setup).

On a pure Unix environment it should be pretty easy to setup a similar
system using Glimpse.  I just don't have any experience with Glimpse and had
a lot of experience with the Windows Content Indexer, so I took the latter
approach.  It would be pretty nifty have indexed archives available as a
standard mailman option.


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