[Mailman-Users] List disappeared after reboot

Gaved Adriano Adriano.Gaved at CSELT.IT
Thu Jan 20 14:51:54 CET 2000

Hi all
I had to reboot my Linux (Mandrake 6.0 - very similar to RH6.0) without
being able to sync.

Afterwards when I tried to access to
it gives "List mylist not found", where mylist worked fine before my
unfortunate reboot.
Further, messages cannot be exchanged anymore.

Looking into mailman directory tree I find
with the right stuff in.

How can I get mylist up and running again? 
(Yes I know I can recreate it keeping the old archives, but I'd like to take
the occasion to understand better how Mailman works ....)

btw I never read a line in Python but I tried to have a look at
I've been a bit amazed at seeing that it appears to be compiled (the only
thing I thougth I knew about Python is that it is a scripting language).
I eventually found the python version in the sources, but can someone shed
some light on why listinfo is not a simple script?

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