[Mailman-Users] Mail DOmains & mailman lists

David Sexton david.sexton at sapphire.net
Mon Jan 24 12:55:38 CET 2000


	I've recently installed mailman and got it to do *almost* what I want.

	I need to make it available for use for our users on different mail
domains, so that there is no 'namespace' clash (i.e. list at domain1.com is
different from list at domain2.com).

	I have managed to get most of the way there by embedding the domain
name into the internal list name (i.e. list(@domain.com) would be known
to mailman as 'domain-com-list') and then munge the mail aliases so that
the wrapper gets the correct parameters when mail is sent to
list at domain.com. The general settings page is modifed to show the
'visible' list-name (list) in the prefix and hostname options.

	The General options screen states that changing the 'public name' of
the list will cause bad things to happen as it will be advertised as the
email address. This is what I want to happen. Unfortunately, it isn't.
So instead of subscribers being told that the address of the list is
'list at domain.com', they would get 'domain-com-list at domain.com'.

	Can anyone give me some pointers to what I should be doing? I don't
mind hacking code but I don't know Python (although it shouldn't be that
difficult to pick up).


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