[Mailman-Users] Mailman not creating HTML pages

Mark Herzog mherzog at brant.bio.uaf.edu
Thu Jan 27 09:16:40 CET 2000

You should be looking for your html where you put the alias...

if you installed mailman in /usr/local/mailman....

and then in your http.conf you typed:
Alias /pipermail/ "/usr/local/mailman/archives/public/"

then for the archives you should look in

Also, it may not make a difference... but I would have sent at least one
test message to make sure the archive files are built....

There is other html floating around in the other directories where you
installed mailman, that allow you to configure how the html looks for
subscribers, how the actual archive front end looks etc.  But I gather right
now you just want the html to work....

Also, you may have done this, but you didn't say it, make sure that you have
run newaliases (not just restarted sendmail), after you have configured
sendmail with the new aliases for the group you created....

Yes, newlist has to be run as root....  that script that was posted a couple
of days ago is a dandy for creating the lists on the fly....

Hope that helps,

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Okay, I added the Aliases line into httpd.conf and restarted
the webserver...

but... hmmm what now?  I created a new mailman list, added the aliases
to /etc/aliases... and then looked again in /home/httpd/html/mailman


(a) Where should mailman be creating these html files?
(b) Should I be running ./newlist as su root?  If not, I get errors.

I keep going over the INSTALL and pulling out hair...

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