[Mailman-Users] Mailman not creating HTML pages

Mark Starr mrstarr at nyx.net
Thu Jan 27 10:02:37 CET 2000


Okay, I was able to fix the problem, and these are
the steps I had to take (mainly, I needed an
alias line in http.conf and a correct one at
that (thanks to Terry Grace).

The thing is, the INSTALL files doesn't seem 
to explicitedly say what to do for those of us grunts
going through it line by line, it just has a paragraph
to 'see your Apache documentation' (hullo, what? me worry?)  

So this is what you need to explicitly do (and maybe
this needs to be added in that section of the INSTALL
readme file):-)

Add the following line to httpd.conf:
(run locate httpd.conf to find where httpd.conf lives)

add a line in the httpd.conf file that reads:

Alias /mailman/ "/usr/share/mailman/archives/public/"


Alias /mailman/ "/usr/local/mailman/archives/public/"

depending if you can cd into /usr/share/mailman or
*if no luck, try 'locate mailman' to find out 
where you installed it -- got to love locate.

Editing httpd.conf I did a search inside of httpd.conf for the 
string "Aliases:" which turned up the appropriate spot
in the httpd.conf to add it, but it doesn't matter, add
it to the end if you want.

But that's not enough, then you have to post a message
to the list to get the files created... (so to speak)

Of course, subscribe I subscribed myself to the mail list with
a message to listname-request at yourdomain.com with
SUBSCRIBE in body, then confirm yourself, then
post with a message to listname at yourdomain.com

Once you post a new message the directory structure
is created somewhat enough to see it

Then access the site with:


(note! you have to put the trailling slash!)
(thanks to Jim Tittsler there)

and you should see some directory tree...follow
some links...  

The ALias line was the trick, it tells Apache 
that if it gets a URL with yourdomain.com/mailman/
not to lookin in home/httpd/html/mailman where it
would normally look for, but to do the substition
to look in /usr/share/mailman/public instead for 
that URL...  slight of hand

My thoughts: perhaps the mailman software should probably add
the alias line in http.conf upon install, and also create
a directory structure or "return" one even if no users
have yet subscribed to the list or posted to the list...

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