[Mailman-Users] Re-loading Changed Mailman Config Files - How?

Mark Herzog mherzog at brant.bio.uaf.edu
Thu Jan 27 21:12:00 CET 2000

1) There is a command add_members which will add all users in a specific
text file (one email per line)... (found in same directory as newlist -
	e.g. add_members -n new_users.txt

2)  A lot of these modifications can be done on the admin web pages
	Then you won't have to worry about the locations of the files.

3)  You can make a group private or public....  The private archives require
a password to get in...  You're going to need that alias in there if you
want Apache to recognize the links and allow access.

4) Mine are in srm.conf not httpd.conf... not sure if that will matter...
seems like it might.

5) The <Directory $where_you_installed_mailman/mailman/archives/public>
	Options FollowSymLinks
	allow,deny, etc. etc.
		This is the command that allows access to the public archives and not the
private. it needs to be in srm.conf also.

6) When you subscribe them there is no confirmation needed...
    You're other choices could include approval from you... then no
confirmation is needed.
	All of this can be done on the admin web page... which is, in general, much
easier to use when just getting it going.

Mark Herzog
University of Alaska Fairbanks
ftmph at uaf.edu

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I modify mm_cfg.py with new values, but established
lists are not effected.  They continue to use the
old values.  How do I tell mailman to reread this
config file regarding already in use lists?
(Even modifying Defaults.py produces no change -
yeah, I tried just as a test).

Rebooting the server does not make mailman reread
its config files... (!)

I am guessing for every list that is created, a
snapshot is taken of these files and stored with
each individual list... but where... I can not find...
these individual per list config files.



I determines I was still having problems with the
web interface as like the docs said apache was
running as nobody, and rather than recompile
the thing and start over -with-cgi-gid, I came
to the realization I didn't want my users posts
read *at all* from the web... this would be a big
security hole for a private list, and I'm sure they
don't want their messages archived *for eternity*
for anyone on a search engine to dig up.

So I took the Alias line out of httpd.conf, and
am ripping out anything in the template .txt
files that refers users to the webpage versions...
unfortunatly, I can't seem to tell mailman to
reload these versions either...



Ok, its hard enough to get my grandmother to
go through the hunt and peck tribulations of sending
out one email, let alone replying to a confirm
email... I'm finding 90% of the users I invite
to join want to join, but never make it to sending
out an email to the right address, let alone
confirming it, and then knowing they have to post
to yet another address to post to the list (these
are low volume lists).

It would be cool if there was just *one* email
address per list, that everything was done to...
and that by sending an email to it you are automatically
subscribed.  K.I.S.S. kind of thing.

I assume that is what setting up the subscribe policy does:

However, again I can't get mailman to read in the new

Am I going to have to delete the lists, and recreate them,
whenever I want the values in mm_cfg.cy changed?
Some lists I want with some confirmation levels, while
others I want to be unmoderated...  this presents its
own set of problems.  If this is done from the web
interface let me know, as I don't have access to that...
so where in the raw files... are these stored?


Also, can I edit the list subscribers list directly
and add people myself, and bypass them having to do
anything to be on the list?  It would be nice if
there were a script for this... 'addlistuser username list'

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