[Mailman-Users] Pending admin requests; not able to access them...

Rob Morin morinr at psi.ca
Mon Jan 31 19:25:59 CET 2000


I can not seem to be able to access the pending admin requests??

I can get in to the regular admin stuff but not the pending admin stuff....

It just hangs after i either click on the link from within the admin section or after i tasks me for the password...


I am using Python 1.5.2
Mailman 1.1
Redhat 6.1

Also how would I increase the allowed amount of Cc's as this is the major reason why I have pending requests cuz mailman does not like too many C.c.'s!?


Rob Morin
Montreal, Canada
(514) 861-3737 Ext 227

morinr at psi.ca
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