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In message <Pine.LNX.4.04.10006141728540.25863-100000 at archer.kd-dev.com>, Derek
 Simkowiak writes:
>	This was such a welcome relief from managing a Majordomo list.
>Phew!  The cut'n'paste of the aliases info is genius.  It would be nice if
>that was written to a file (i.e., listname.aliases) in the current
>directory.  That way I could 
>cat listname.aliases >> /etc/aliases ; newaliases
>	and not have to cut'n'paste at all.

I have a patch to newlist that has it automatically add the aliases to the 
file.  Do you want it?  Barry, should we put this in 2.0?  It currently only 
works for sendmail-style alias files, but it could probably be made more 

>	The other thing is subscription policy.  Again, I would like to
>have no confirmation at all as an option.  I am perfectly aware that a
>"confirm" (or better) policy is a good idea, but I would like to have the
>choice of subscribing people without their knowledge or interaction.

If you set the option ALLOW_OPEN_SUBSCRIBE to 1 in mm_cfg.py, a checkbox for 
None will appear on that page.  That should be what you want.

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