[Mailman-Users] Extremely High Membership lists

J C Lawrence claw at cp.net
Thu Jun 29 03:35:15 CEST 2000

On Wed, 28 Jun 2000 18:23:07 -0700 
J C Lawrence <claw at cp.net> wrote:

> I also have significant problems with the new moderation interface
> which has removed significant functionality by showing only an
> excerpted/truncated version of the held message in a TEXTAREA
> rather than the entire message.  The old format of showing the
> entire message allowed me as list moderator:

>   a) To know exactly what I was approving, and thus not miss
> something untoward toward the end of a message.

>   b) To copy off the held message locally, for local editing and
> resubmitting, say with editorial/moderation comments.

> The new moderation interface prevents both those abilities, and is
> not configurable to return to the old format.

> Bad stuff.

> Barry: If I submit a patch to make this a configurable option,
> what the chance of getting this in before release (presuming
> decent code)?  I can't use 2.x at all without being able to see
> the entire message in the moderation interface.

I rechecked the sources before sending that message and somehow
managed to totally overlook the use/impact of the
ADMINDB_PAGE_TEXT_LIMIT value in Defaults.py.  Don't know how -- its 
one of the files I scanned.

Ahh well, aside from minor complaints about the size of the
TEXTAREA, the fact is that the functionality has not been removed
and all my bluster above, is, umm, well, without grounds.


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