[Mailman-Users] quick-fix patch for newlist failure

Dan Mick Dan.Mick at West.Sun.COM
Thu Jun 29 23:04:14 CEST 2000

Here's a fix that's probably safe, and fixes the "newlist" problem.
Of course I'm not sure if it's the right final fix, but I figure
while Barry's examining the problem, this might be worth a try
for some of you.

The issue is that list.Lock() now wants to reload the list config.db
(with list.Load()),  and that doesn't exist in the case of list.Create().
So this fix just catches the "Unknown List" error from Load(),
and ignores it, on the theory that the only time that should
happen is when the list is in the process of being created.

I've installed it on my beta3 production site, and will let you
know if it seems to cause any other errors.

diff MailList.py.orig MailList.py
<         self.Load()
>         try:
>            self.Load()
>         except Errors.MMUnknownListError:
>            pass

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