[Mailman-Users] multiple domains

Danny Yee danny at anatomy.usyd.edu.au
Mon Mar 6 09:29:47 CET 2000

I wrote:
> > I want to run mailman on multiple domains, e.g.

Gerrit Holl wrote:
> I'm not sure, but have you tried to install Mailman twice?
> Just make the '/mailman' alias of foo.com go to the first installation and
> make the '/mailman' alias of bar.com go to the second installation, etc.
That works (/var/mailman and /var/mailman2), but it's very ugly,
requiring replication of a large pile of stuff that really shouldn't
need replication.  My qmail/EZmlm friends have convinced me that list
data should be separated from list code...

It's possible to configure the mail domain and preferred admin URL for
each list, but that doesn't actually work, since the lists still share
the same web scripts.


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