[Mailman-Users] Unknown mailer error 1

Tom Madron tmadron at ewc-inc.com
Fri Mar 10 21:45:13 CET 2000

Yes, I did the --with-mail-gid parameter.  When that is not set properly 
the response is similar to what is suggested int he documentation for 
Mailman with an "Unknown mailer error 2" along with a notice about the 
wrong gid.

By the way, I can pipe a file through the same path to wrapper that is 
specified in the aliases file and no errors are generated.


At 10:47 AM 03/10/2000 -0800, Christopher C. Petro wrote:
>>We  have been unable to get Mailman operational.  We're running on a 
>>Linux machine (Kernel 2.0.35) with the commercial version of Sendmail 
>>8.9.2.  We get a persistent "Unknown mailer error 1" error message.  The 
>>transcript of our latest effort follows:
>         When doing the /configure did you set --with-mail-gid properly? 
> IIRC, the first time I installed mailman (well, more than that but...) I 
> didn't set this, and this was one of the messages I received.
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