[Mailman-Users] multiple domains

Christopher P. Lindsey lindsey at mallorn.com
Sun Mar 12 19:55:00 CET 2000

> >From address when sending out mail. So mail would be sent out from these
> addresses:
> everyone-hoth at hoth.sw
> everyone-tatooine at tatooine.sw
> (Assuming I set the domain in the admin to those.)
> Is there any way to do this cleanly in Mailman? (Perhaps an upcoming
>         version?)
> Does anyone have any recommendations for a kludge to get around this?

No easy way; in fact rather ugly...  If using sendmail, you can try using
the "generics" feature to rewrite the outgoing addresses, but that won't
change some of the other headers like "X-Been-There:".

The only real way that I can see to do this is very icky.  You could
replace your MTA (sendmail, exim, qmail...) with a shell script that pipes
everything through a procmail or perl script, which in turn rewrites any
instances of wrong listnames to the correct values and then pumps them
out to the real MTA binary (you didn't really replace it, just renamed
it) with the right envelope sender.

To make this work, you'd need to create the lists something along the lines

   everyone.hoth.sw at example.com
   everyone.tatooine.sw at example.com

and then do a search and replace...

It's kind of similar to this old virtual host "solution" that I was using
back in '94:


Depending on your configuration, you may or may not need multiple 
sendmail.cf files as specified in that example.

Told you it would be ugly!  :)


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