[Mailman-Users] Re: [Mailman-Announce] [ANNOUNCE] Mailman 2.0 beta 1

Andrew J Cosgriff ajc at bing.wattle.id.au
Wed Mar 22 06:37:42 CET 2000

Barry A. Warsaw wrote :

> I've just uploaded the Mailman 2.0 beta 1 tarball to www.list.org.
> I decided to name the new version "2.0" because of the architectural
> changes that have been made.  See the excerpt from the NEWS file
> below for details of what's changed since version 1.1.

Cool !  Sorry to jump so quickly, but...

...I like the fact that it now only shows 4K worth of a "too big"
message, but is there any chance you could make the admin page (and
maybe the messages sent both to the poster and list-admin) actually
mention how big the message is ?  Maybe something like

 "Reason:  Message body is too big (160K exceeds the limit of 40K)"


Thanks heaps :)

Andrew J Cosgriff <ajc at polydistortion.net> lost and found lives

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