[Mailman-Users] Setting up read-only list

Michael E. Fryd mfryd at neucoimage.com
Sun Mar 26 05:50:44 CEST 2000

>I think I might just use a Perl script, a text file of emails and a cron job
>for this rather than Mailman....  If you're just going to send an email out
>once a day seems like Mailman's a bit on the "big" side....The Perl script
>could even generate an archive of old emails fairly easily.
>Mark Herzog

I have about 10 thousand visitors to my web site each day, and have 
already gotten hundreds of unsolicited requests asking me to set up a 

I expect the list to have 5 to 10 thousand members.  With that many 
subscribers I need automation.

My goal is to use Mailman to handle:
  - subscribe/un-subscribe requests via the web
  - detection and removal of bad addresses (bounced mail)
  - maintaining the subscriber list and keeping it secret
  - protecting the subscriber list so that only the official
    daily messages get sent.

My thought was to try to use these features from an existing package 
like Mailman, disabling the features I don't need, rather than 
building a system from scratch.

As for archiving, it's a feature I don't need.  I have an existing 
web site with all the material already available.


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