[Mailman-Users] Case Problem going to Digest mode

Ken Walker ken at holcatw.com
Thu May 11 05:15:47 CEST 2000


	I was running version 1.00 of Mailman and when my users switched into
digest mode from regular mode, they would loose the case sensitivity of
their name, ESPECIALLY users from aol.com.

	for example a typical user name might be Money4U at aol.com and when they
would switch to digest, there name would become money4u at aol.com and the
messages wouldn't be delivered any more because the name is case sensitive.

	I have upgraded to Mailman 2.0b2 and I am still having the same trouble.

	Can anyone suggest a fix for this? My users are getting pretty crabby that
their not getting there digests.

Ken (*:
ken at holcatw.com

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