[Mailman-Users] mass unsubscribe

Joe Morris morris at unc.edu
Fri Nov 3 15:41:16 CET 2000

On Fri, 3 Nov 2000, Daniel Furter (SUB) wrote:

| i have a particular problem with mailman right now: i have to restart my
| mailing list. all members have to leave the list and can subscribe again
| afterwards. this means all subscribers must be deleted. however i do not
| wish to remove the whole list with all the settings. is there something
| like a mass unsubscribe function for the administrato? i would be greatful
| about any notice, because otherwise i have to uncheck all the 1000 subcribe
| boxes...

Here is the easiset way I know of...

<PathToMailman>/bin/sync_members -a=no -f /dev/null <YourList>

That sync_members tool is a lifesaver for me!  It's a powerful tool that I
think others are not aware of.

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