[Mailman-Users] duplicate password reminder

Jean-Francois Malouin Jean-Francois.Malouin at bic.mni.mcgill.ca
Fri Nov 3 17:20:07 CET 2000


I upgraded to 2.0rc1 (with sendmail-8.9.3) and I'm still seeing
duplicate emails for the beginning of the month password reminder. 
I went through the archives bit found nothing specific.

Any idea?

Jean-François Malouin, System/Network Manager, Mail: <malin at bic.mni.mcgill.ca>
McConnell Brain Imaging Center                 Voice:           (514) 398-8924
Montreal Neurological Institute                Fax:             (514) 398-8948
3801 University St. Montreal, Quebec, H3A 2B4  CAN     #include <nice_quote.h>

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