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Jim Fannin fanninj at aottsd.uscourts.gov
Thu Nov 9 17:06:09 CET 2000

I use a mail client on my PC which I have found to be quite flexible,
powerful and very easy to use.  It not only handles multiple pop3 accounts
but can act as a mail server for small to medium size companies with their
own internal networks.  It avoids many of the problems with security and
viruses associated with Outlook and is well supported with regular releases.
It was a paltry $39 license fee.  It is worth ten times that amount in my

I manage 5 mail accounts and receive 1000-2000 emails through it daily, with
no problems.  I don't own, or get commission for recommending it (perhaps I
should!).  It's just very easy to use and extremely flexible.

The product is called, "The Bat".  Sorry I am not at home where I manage
these accounts to tell you the company, but I will try to get the info for
those who are interested.

For those interested send me a private Email at fanninj at isitfriday.com

Jim Fannin
fanninj at aottsd.uscourts.gov
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> At 11:47 PM -0800 11/8/00, J C Lawrence wrote:
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> >Not while retaining compliance with the RFC.  I suggest you approach
> >the authors of Eudora in regard to improving their MIME supports.
> >
> The same eudora authors who've yet to get their HTML engine up to
> snuff, but found time to implement a widget that lets you know if
> you're flaming someone... (whoopie...)
> Am I bitter? nooo... But as a long-long time Eudora user, I'm going
> to go evaluate Entourage from Office 2001. I know it has issues, too,
> but the Entourage project group seems to be interested in fixing
> things...
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