[Mailman-Users] Archives failing after upgrade

Gunnar Evermann ge204 at eng.cam.ac.uk
Mon Nov 13 20:34:12 CET 2000

Edmund Lau <edlau at ucf.ics.uci.edu> writes:

> I upgraded Mailman from rc1 to rc2 over the weekend but evidently there
> were some problems.  My web archives for all my lists are failing.  Here's
> a traceback after running bin/arch <listname>:

>   File "/home/mailman/Mailman/Archiver/HyperArch.py", line 224, in
> __init__
>     self.cenc = string.lower(cenc)
>   File "/usr/local/pkg/python-1.6/lib/python1.6/string.py", line 47, in
> lower
>     return s.lower()
> AttributeError: 'None' object has no attribute 'lower'
> ---
> When qrunner is queueing an Email for a list delievery, there is an extra
> line of errors in my error log which basically says my archieve is
> corrupt.

This happens if a message in the mbox has no Content-Transfer-Encoding
header. Eric Forsberg send a patch to fix this:



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