[Mailman-Users] more odd errors (fwd)

Rob Hunter robh at uunet.co.za
Tue Nov 14 18:34:38 CET 2000


I'm hoping someone has a suggestion for me as to how to fix this problem.
It was suggested that the problem was being caused by Postfix, and I sent
a mail or 2 to the postfix list. They in turn suggested that it's a
mailman problem. To confirm this, I killed the postfix process and started
up exim (I'd recently moved from exim to Postfix so I still had a working

I get the following error from Exim:

2000-11-14 19:30:57 unexpected disconnection while reading SMTP data from
localhost.fingers.co.za (snow.fingers.co.za) []

This is specifically when qrunner cron runs (I disabled the cron and ran
it manually for debugging purposes).

If there's any other logs that you'd like me to check, or anything else to
try, please let me know.



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Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 20:04:53 +0200 (SAST)
From: Rob Hunter <robh at uunet.co.za>
To: mailman-users at python.org
Subject: [Mailman-Users] more odd errors

Hi there

I seemed to fix my last problem by deleting 1 or 2 files from qfiles/ with
suspect email addresses. (sounds odd I know, but it worked).

I'm getting this currently:


Nov 02 00:18:11 2000 (88613) All recipients refused: please run connect()
Nov 02 00:18:12 2000 (88613) smtp for 16 recips, completed in 611.111
Nov 02 00:20:46 2000 (88613) All recipients refused: please run connect()
Nov 02 00:38:59 2000 (88854) All recipients refused: please run connect()


Oct 31 16:42:24 2000 (79341) -1 herman.kramer at za.didata.com (ignore)
Oct 31 16:42:24 2000 (79341) -1 mozzie at netactive.co.za (ignore)
Oct 31 16:42:24 2000 (79341) -1 mark.mcintyre at za.didata.com (ignore)
Oct 31 16:42:24 2000 (79341) -1 jianni at iafrica.com (ignore)
Oct 31 16:42:24 2000 (79341) -1 pauli at icon.co.za (ignore)

Once again, qrunner lockfiles persist, 'cos qrunner can't successfully
complete, and the viscious circle starts again.

I'm running FreeBSD 4.1--STABLE with postfix-19991231.08 and

Any suggestions?



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