[Mailman-Users] Extracting mailing lists; moving lists to another machine

Tim Potter tpot at linuxcare.com.au
Sun Nov 19 06:37:31 CET 2000

Marc MERLIN writes:

> > > 2.  Whats the "official" procedure for moving lists from one machine to
> > > another?
> > 
> > There isn't one.
> You can move lists though, it's not a problem.
> If the target machine uses a differentn directory for the mailman install,
> you have to use move_list at the end to fix the path names inside the lists

I've had reason to move a coplete mailman installation from one
achine (an irix) to a linux machine.  All it required was
rsyncing the files across and setting up appropriate symblic
links so things looked like they were in the same place, and
reinstalling mailman on top of itself.  Having everything under
/home/mailman was a big help as the minimum number of symbolic
links and ucking around had to occur.

Strangely enough the list passwords were all trashed, probably
because of endian weirdness

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