[Mailman-Users] FAQ? Directing bounces to -owner/-admin

J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Wed Nov 29 20:12:42 CET 2000

On Wed, 29 Nov 2000 11:31:28 -0500 
jamie rishaw <jamie at arpa.com> wrote:

>  Perhaps this is an FAQ, I dont know, but recently I've realized
> that when users post to lists, mailer-daemons send bounces of bad
> listmember addresses to the poster and not to the -owner/-admin
> address.

If this is true it means that your local MTA is configured
improperly (possible), OR that other remote MTAs are improperly
bouncing messages back to some other address than that in the
envelope (it happens).

> I cannot find any configuration options (other than anonymous,
> which is not what I want to do) to do this correctly.

This is not a Mailman thing in that Mailman auto-does the Right
Thing.  If the Right Thing isn't happening, its an MTA problem at
some level.  Have a look at the headers, and in particular the
envelope on your list postings.

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