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Gary Wilson wilsong at sergievsky.cpmc.columbia.edu
Tue Oct 3 02:27:20 CEST 2000

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> well, mine goes back 20 years, and I currently have a number of MLM's
> that are 100% my code in production. And I reacted the same way,
> Gary. I just dealt with it differently. I think what you said
> probably wasn't what you intended, but I don't think the
> interpretation was too out of line.
 Yeah, you're right. Sorry for my bad manners.

I wasn't trying to be demanding. I was trying to point to a problem and then
someone basically flamed me and I got mad. They chose to misread what I
wrote as a threat. After years on the net, I know that you should try to
give someone's comments the benefit of doubt. If you think that I am being
threatening, then ask to make sure you've gotten the right interpretation.

I don't really plan to drop Mailman for any reason. I have nothing to
threaten with. And I'm sure the developers wouldn't be impressed one way or
the other with either me making demands or threatening them.

I do still think that they are interested in feedback. What I was originally
discussing was the password feature, which I would like to see changed. My
point was that the developers have not commented on the issue of passwords.
And someone was saying that they were going to make a decision on whether or
not to use Mailman based on a change in the password feature. Based on what
has been said so far by the developers, such a change isn't planned and will
not be implemented.

This hadn't been made clear and the person who wants to choose Mailman based
on a change in the password feature had been left with the impression that a
change is imminent.

Mailman is a damn fine program and Barry and everyone else working on it
deserve a lot of praise and support. I'm truly sorry if my comments gave any
other impression.


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