[Mailman-Users] corrupt email adresses

Christopher P. Lindsey lindsey at varda.mallorn.com
Thu Oct 5 18:52:42 CEST 2000

> i have a problem with one of my list, which seems to have invalid email
> adresses (many ^@^@^@^ in the adress yust like in the config.db).
> list_members shows me that adresses, but on the webpage i can't
> unsubscribe them (saying: no such email-adress). check_db says the
> database is fine, but when mailman passes the email adresses to sendmail
> it stops with error message 1. only those few email-adresses until the
> corupt ones seems to pass through. well, i tried to repair the list by
> removing the email adresses from the output of list_members piped to a
> file, but the script broke with error messages. i also tried to sync
> members with the clean email-adresses in a file. same result.

   I ran into many similar problems while testing for the poison NULL
   byte in email addresses about a year ago.  For example, if I
   subscribe a user named `/bin/touch/%20/tmp/whee`\0 at example.com
   I can subscribe just fine, but if the list manager tries to
   unsubscribe me via the Web interface it dies (presumably because
   \0 is interpreted as an end-of-string character).

   You'll have to use the command-line program remove_members to do it;
   it has no such qualms about unsubscribing weird addresses.


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