[Mailman-Users] auto responder

Young, Roger RYoung at eBuilt.com
Fri Oct 13 20:34:51 CEST 2000

I setup auto responding on two mail list and was able to get each of them to
auto respond once. 
I noticed an option at the bottom of the auto responder setup page that said

 "Number of days between auto-responses to either the mailing list or -admin
address from the same
        poster. Set to zero (or negative) for no grace period (i.e.
auto-respond to every message). 

this was set to 90 days initially and now I have changed it to 0 days. I
believe that since it was initially set to 90 days when I sent the first
message that I am now on a 90 day waiting list before I will get any more
auto responses. 

If this is true how can I reset the waiting period to 0 days?

If this assumption is wrong can someone explain this phenomenon. 

Roger Young
Unix Admin
eBuilt Inc.
(949) 609-5409

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