[Mailman-Users] Re: [Mailman-Developers] Mailman-Bug with faked spam headers and some suggestions new features

Barry A. Warsaw barry at wooz.org
Fri Oct 20 08:29:45 CEST 2000

>>>>> "SB" == Steffen Bardolatzi <steffen at asta.uni-wuppertal.de> writes:

    SB> This looks like a nasty bug ...

    SB> Oct 08 23:53:01 2000 (25258) Delivery exception: read-only
    SB> character buffer, None Oct 08 23:53:01 2000 (25258) Traceback
    SB> (innermost last): File
    SB> "/var/mailman/Mailman/Handlers/HandlerAPI.py", line 82, in
    SB> do_pipeline
    SB>     func(mlist, msg, msgdata) File
    SB> "/var/mailman/Mailman/Handlers/Hold.py", line 173, in process
    SB> if mlist.require_explicit_destination and \ File
    SB> "/var/mailman/Mailman/MailList.py", line 1208, in
    SB> HasExplicitDest addr = string.lower(addr)
    SB> TypeError: read-only character buffer, None

This will be fixed in rc1.


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