[Mailman-Users] Message has implicit destination - ???

Nate Amsden natea at graphon.com
Mon Oct 30 22:49:33 CET 2000

searched the web, searched the sourcecode and can't find out what this
means or how to fix it.

most systems can send mail fine to the lists but one sun system that
needs to cannot, and everytime it tries, I get that message from

As list administrator, your authorization is requested for the
following mailing list posting:

    List:    some at list.at.my.company
    From:    someuser at somehost.com
    Subject: (no subject)
    Reason:  Message has implicit destination

the user is subscribed. what can i do to get around/fix this problem?

this happens when doing :

echo "testing" | mail some at list.at.my.company

the client machine is a solaris 2.6(sparc) running sendmail 8.9.1 from
sunfreeware.com, i have it masqerading as itself. if i don't masqerade
it shows mails comming from user at hostname not user at hostname.domainname.
and mailman doesnt want to let a subscriber subscribe as user at hostname.

running mailman 2.0beta1



Nate Amsden
System Administrator

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