[Mailman-Users] modifying 'not-metoo' option's behavour?

Gordon Grant gordong at babcockbrown.com
Tue Oct 31 19:52:50 CET 2000


I use currently use Mailman for some of Babcock & Brown's internal
mailing lists.

We are having a problem with people getting multiple emails, despite
having the 'not-metoo' option switched on.  This is caused by them
being another recipient on a mail also sent to the list.

The not-metoo option, (if I'm correct) removes an address from the
list of names to send to when the list is run, if that person *sent*
the mail to the list.

The question:  Is there any way to change this behaviour so that the
name gets dropped if the person was merely cc'd on a mail sent to
the list, instead of having sent it?

This would be a wonderful feature to have in the way we use Mailman here.


Gordon Grant
Systems Administrator
Babcock & Brown

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