[Mailman-Users] initial config problems with qmail

Tim Pepper tpepper at opensales.com
Wed Sep 6 02:00:37 CEST 2000

I'm trying to install mailman on RedHat6.2 machine running qmail.  I'm
actually using the RedHat rpm for 2.0beta5 (mailman-2.0beta5-3.i386.rpm).
I've modified the rpm to compile mailman with the cgi-id and cgi-gid set to
nobody as that is what my apache install runs as.  I've set the mail-gid to
qmail.  Everything appears okay, but when I create a newlist the test
confirmation notice doesn't go out.  In logs/post I get:

Sep 05 16:49:42 2000 (25702) post to test from mailman-owner at foo.com, size=1321, 1 failures

Nothing ever hits the qmail log.  No other mailman error messages appear.

This probably isn't much to go on, but does anybody have any ideas what could
be causing this?

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