[Mailman-Users] Big problem with lists

Nicholas Marouf marouni at earlham.edu
Thu Sep 7 00:04:52 CEST 2000

Ron Jarrell wrote:
> At 04:54 PM 9/6/00 -0500, Nicholas Marouf wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> >         I've noticed this problem, and hopefully our users won't
> > before I can
> > get it fixed. Apprently if I send an email to more that one list, it
> > only goes to the first list that it finds in the aliases file and
> > ignores the second list(s).
> >
> > has anyone run into this problem, or have any advice on how to get
> > around it?
> What kind of MTA are you using?  With our sendmail set up, I've got
> users who do this *all the time* (I get really tired of seeing the
> same
> message 4 times spread across each list).  Works fine...

	I am running sendmail-8.9.3-20, on RH6.2.
I tested this by creating two lists, one that I am in, and the other my
co-worker, I send it to both of them, and witch ever list is first in
the To: gets the message and not the other.

so you are saying that is a sendmail issue. Where would I change that so
that it sends to all the lists.


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