[Mailman-Users] Cant get MailMan running with Postfix

Erik Forsberg forsberg at lysator.liu.se
Sun Sep 10 10:58:26 CEST 2000

>The aliases for my list are in /etc/aliases.mailman owned by
>mailman:mailman. Postfix's config file was updated to search there in
>addition to the standard aliases file.

Be sure to check the ownership of the files generated when running
'postalias /etc/aliases.mailman'. There's probably a
aliases.mailman.dir and a aliases.mailman.pag (If you run a dbm-style
database). I had kind of the same problem, and found out that Postfix
checks not only the privileges of the original file, but also the
privs of generated files.  

If this is the error, you probably ran postalias as root, and so the generated
files are owned by root which makes postfix execute the commands as
the user specified with default_privs which is most often nobody.

The solution is of course to run postalias as the mailman user, or
change the privs of the generated files after running postalias as

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