[Mailman-Users] Mailman message size bug?

Thomas T. Veldhouse veldy at veldy.net
Mon Sep 11 17:43:43 CEST 2000

Hi!  I have been using Mailman 1.1 and more recently Mailman 2.0beta5, and I
have noticed what appears to be a bug in both implementations.

I run a mailing list where we frequently attach files of a size around 200K.
I have set the list to a 250K maximum on message size.  If I post a message
with a 200K size - it sends OK.  The message will show in the archive as
well, however, it is NEVER sent to any of the members on the list.  This is
very frustrating.  The users believe that their email has disappeared, and
in reality - it has - except for the archive where it is logged
appropriately.  Also, if a user were to send a message that is 260K, I get
an administrator message that a posting requires approval.  If I approve the
message - it wil hang the list - no more messages for the list will be
delivered.  I found that I have to manually go and kill the "qrunner"
process and then remove the locks for qrunner in the $mailman/locks

Is this a known problem (or problems)?  I would really like to get this
fixed.   I need to replace my majordomo list with mailman, it has such a
nice interface :)

Thanks in advance,

Tom Veldhouse
veldy at veldy.net

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